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Thursday, April 12, 2018

bean bozzled

On thursday the 12th of April,room 7 did the bean boozled challenge.
Miss Ashley told us that Mrs Komor gave it to her for christmas so Miss Ashley she could bring it to school so we can share it

We all were in pairs my pair was maria we all had to take the one that popped out and there was a yum one and a horrible one most of our class got the horrible one when me and maria went to get our bean
we grabbed the bean  and we said cheers and then we ate it marias one was dog food and my one was grass clipping we both spat it out
Then when it was  round two then me and maria had another turn and maria got a caramel corn and I  got tutti frutti it was yummy I enjoyed having fun with miss ashley.   

bean bozzled

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Friday, March 16, 2018

going for our walk to mokio pa

             Today as a syderciate we all walked to the panmure yacht club  and then we went to mokio pa
              mokio pa is this big church we all took photos on our way down these are some photos

                                                  this is the mokio pa church
                                this red circle thing is a concrete bring that is the second bridge 

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