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ents of the Auckland university  and also the Aut we have been hearing the news which you must have seen  and also whales on farewell spit have died but the most important thing is having safety devices and also invented stuff but my teacher and my buddies were thinking if these devices are invented so I think i should make a list of safety things
    My class list of safety things

  1. Whale robots
  2. Spy cameras
  3. Scanners  
  4. Poles in the water with camera
  5.  Waterproof camera under sea   
I think that's enough for now i am so so so so sad and stress that nearly 400 and 40 nearly died

Please help


creek recount

We went  to the creek to see a creek when we  went there was a ell. Also we went with  our buddy class.when we went we were all excited when. we went the creek was filthy.when we also went there was scanty water.also when we went we saw   broken was also gross
I am a whale i am a  gathering whale also i am  a skinny whale i have a long tail i am a standard whale i have a sized tail like a fish's  tail but i have a  big sized tail i have no legs only scuffed ones my next door neighbour is a shark its name is aja i have 10 brothers and sisters there name is  mana garth rebeca my baby's name  is mathias christen emma tiron rosey rose hannah they are not allowed anywhere they have to stay by me and my mum and dad there names are  emma and munu  one day  me and my  brother went out to get some food when we went we went to the clear crystal water when we went there were a bulk of   
Japanese they  were looking for us then when we went  there was a shark and it attacked us  

Walt locate fare well spit on the map of new zealand

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how to make your own egg sandwich

How to make your own egg sandwich   Ingredients             
Peanut butter  
Cream cheese
2 slices of bread
Boil 2 eggs
Peel carefully
Put  the eggs in the bowl then mash good
Add one spoon of  mayonnaise
Sprinkle some pepper and salt
Mix so good
Take 2 slices of bread
Get some lettuce and put it on your bread
Then get sliced tomatoes. Spread them on the bread
Spread egg mixture on bread